syncronArts///  is a German independent music publisher. The company is running in-house labels and a recording studio. Founded in 1984 by the musicians’ collective “International Noise Orchestra” under the name Ausfahrt  in Halle / Teutoburger Wald, Ausfahrt stood for unconventionality and non-conformism and the discovery of new music off the well-established paths.

Not only were their albums released, but the band also produced, published, and released albums of the guests of the orchestra, who mainly had their roots in jazz, electronica, and world music – bound by an abiding love of the collage aesthetics of traditional and contemporary electronics.  By the way, the label code assigned by the GVL for Ausfahrt had the number LC 00058. Today the GVL represents more than 86,000 labels.

In 2011 the indie moved to Berlin to team up with the label m=minimal.

syncronArts/// has since evolved from a cult collective to a diverse and vivid  independent music company, but that momentum of an artist-driven company is still felt and the syncronArts name today stands  for radical and  pioneering electronic music, left-field rock and outsider pop.



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