NIKLAS LIEPE #Goldberg Reflections.TOP 20



In November 2020 Niklas Liepe entered the official German classical music charts with his album #GoldbergReflections available on all streaming platforms e.g.Spotify.


Congratulations to Niklas and all involved.


Creation of new Goldberg Variations for solo violin and string orchestra by renowned composers, on the basis of Johann Sebastian Bach’s „Aria“ theme and further Goldberg Variations.

The Composers:
Andreas Tarkmann
Tobias Rokahr
Rolf Rudin
Konstantia Gourzi
Moritz Eggert
Friedrich Heinrich Kern
Dominik Dieterle
Stephan Koncz
Sidney Corbett
Wolf Kerschek
Daniel Sundy

We are very happy together with Friedrich Heinrich Kern, whose composition ‘Reflections On A Dream’ for Violin, Verrophone, and String Orchestra can be heard on the album.