Extraordinary and essential archival obscurity from kosmische generator Conrad Schnitzler, reissued for the first time on vinyl with reshapes from Pole, and Bornbräber & Strüver. Schnitzler’s 20 minute composition ‘Zug’ was issued on a private tape back in 1974, capturing the innovator in his most alien and transcendental form.


The track revolves around a hypnotic and infinitely linear rhythm which Schnitzler gradually develops into glorious astral plumes, increasing with creepy intensity towards some foreboding, unresolved conclusion. The two remixes offer possible solutions to this problem.


Firstly, Pole’s reshape sounds remarkably similar to the recent MvO Trio experiments, detaching the prickly, metallic hi-end rhythms and arranging them around a swooping subbass momentum with acres of space in between. It’s more earthbound than the original, but equally hypnotic and abstract. Further on and Bornbräber & Strüver give another grounded but similarly driving effort loaded with slow pounding kicks and a slowly maturing synth grind reminding us of Motiivi:Tuntematon’s incredible ‘Mankind Failed’ to some extent. No messing, this is an unbelievably important archival discovery which couldn’t have surfaced at a more apt time. Highly recommended. [Boomkat]


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