Java Guidi stop dying

2021|06|04 Re-Release via all platforms.

JAVA GUIDI is a Berliner with Italian roots, a painter – big canvas style – and a decisive actress, having performed at the German Theatre , the St. Pauli Theater in Hamburg, and the Bremer Theater in Bremen. She is a versatile and striking woman, young but mature, provocative but conciliatory. Her debut album Stop Dying reflects her memories on stage with a flare of inspiration from Christoph Varga’s electro music. Her singing involves darkness, death and the perception of shades. And sex. A kind of sex distanced from your typical love song. JAVA GUIDI transforms the feeling of her songs with a sense of elevation that gives place to a scene of hope and illumination. Christoph Varga [SEIITH], a photographer as well, captures this moment and twists it into minimal pop arrangements. A sense of movement begins.

stop dying – start living.

SEIITH worked with or for 2Raumwohung, Keziah Jones, Cafe Drechsler, Matthieu Michel, Extreme Fundamentalists, Yannick Aellen.