Let’s start with the guests who contribute to this CD. Jonas Kullhammar, Saxophone, Lisa Östergren, Vocals, Bosse Broberg, Trumpet, Martin Höper, Double Bass and Alfredo Chacon, Vibraphone & Percussion are to be mentioned here. Together with the Stockholm Jazz Beat Project, Marcus Linfeldt, double bass, Anders Johannson, guitar, vocals and piano, Jouni Haapala, percussion, Patric Anderson, Akai MPC 2000, Jonas Wall, saxophone and flute and Arne Tengstrand, Fender Rhodes, the new elite of Swedish jazz is producing an album full of nervous nu-jazz here. Nothing is to be heard of the lounge-like tranquility of various other protagonists of this scene, much more it goes twitching and vibrating to the point.
The singing lady and the making music gentlemen let it rattle in the box quite violently. Boredom never spreads and there is nothing to be heard of the notorious Nordic coldness on this CD.
The Stockholm Jazz Beat Project combines modern electronic elements with club music and jazz to an organic, breathtaking sound. /// acro 
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