In Good Company. UPHILL RACER

COLOGNE, 2020 | 07 | 26 Uphill Racer is in good company. Did Spotify kill the radio star? Not, if radio is well done. → DeutschlandfunkNova transports interesting topics and music into […]

BLCK CRCKR & CSD 2020 Berlin

BERLIN, 2020 | 07 | 25 Black Cracker is a guest on the online broadcast of Christopher Street Day Berlin 2020 “Don’t Hide Your Pride”. MainStream 14.00 – 00.00 via […]


New York,  2020 | 03 | 28 → THE SINGLES COLLECTION by Friedrich Heinrich Kern out now.   Composer, pianist, glass harmonica virtuoso: → Friedrich Heinrich Kern is a romantic […]

Jamie XX plays o F F Love

Jamie xx, member of the London band → The XX, has added “How much”by → oFF Love to his Spotify playlist. We are delighted that the track is enjoying the […]

NTS Radio /// London

NTS Radio UK, one of our favorite radio stations, presents the “International Noise Orchestra”. Groovin up slowly is the most played track on NTS Radio. We are happy that it […]