NIKLAS LIEPE #Goldberg Reflections

The new Album #GoldbergReflections by violinist Niklas Liepe is a re:work / re:think of one of the most famous compositions by J.S.Bach, the Goldberg Variations. A contemporary approach to Bach […]

In Focus. oFF LOVE

How To Dress Well: “o F F Love is truly one of the most lovely people I know – so sweet, so immediately full of love.”   We met at a show […]

In Good Company. UPHILL RACER

COLOGNE, 2020 | 07 | 26 Uphill Racer is in good company. Did Spotify kill the radio star? Not, if radio is well done. → DeutschlandfunkNova transports interesting topics and music into […]

BLCK CRCKR & CSD 2020 Berlin

BERLIN, 2020 | 07 | 25 Black Cracker is a guest on the online broadcast of Christopher Street Day Berlin 2020 “Don’t Hide Your Pride”. MainStream 14.00 – 00.00 via […]


New York,  2020 | 03 | 28 → THE SINGLES COLLECTION by Friedrich Heinrich Kern out now.   Composer, pianist, glass harmonica virtuoso: → Friedrich Heinrich Kern is a romantic […]